4 Huge Benefits Of Wearing Organic Makeup

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Makeup is undoubtedly one of the most used beauty items, nowadays. Using the ideal makeup can really make any woman feel beautiful and appealing. However, as with every other beauty item, makeup can affect the skin of the user and it can even cause a variety of health issues depending on the ingredients it consists of. Fortunately, there is a good alternative to the typical chemical-made make up. The solution is the use of organic makeup. Here are the major benefits of such a choice chosen by the best black makeup artist in Philadelphia

No chemicals

Although some of the ingredients that exist in chemically-based makeups are really effective in making the appearance of the woman’s skin feel better, they are usually really harsh on the skin. They can even promote the development of skin problems, like irritation, itchiness or allergic reactions. Parabens, as well as phthalates, are two ingredients that exist a lot in non-organic products. Those substances have been associated with higher cancer incidents and type 2 diabetes in women who’ve been using them. 

On the other hand, organic makeups are free of those hazardous substances, therefore you can apply them to your skin as often as you like, without any danger. 

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Safety Tips after Different Types of Surgery

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Once you are at home after being in an outpatient surgery center, it is time to focus on critical aspects of recovery such as allowing the surgical part to heal correctly. Having a good night’s sleep and eating healthy food is an essential thing for successful healing. Additionally, you should follow exercise instructions as prescribed by the surgeon. The extra effort that you make makes the recovering process less painful and quicker. Within a few days, you can be back to doing normal activities.

The best advice is to strictly follow instructions provided by the surgeon for speedy and safe recovery. However, while at home you may be tempted to pick or lift objects. After surgery, there are safety tips for each type of surgery that you should follow to avoid hurting yourself. The following are safety tips to follow while lifting objects:

Back Surgery

The best method to lift objects is as follows:

• Ensure that you stand close to the object you intend to lift. Make your feet firmly planted and wide apart.

• Bend the knees and make sure that your back is straight.

• Ensure that you have a safety grip on the object and keep it close to the feet as much as possible.

• Lift the object very slowly. Make the back straight and avoid twisting the whole body.

• When you are standing upright, shift the feet when you want to turn without jerking the body.

Shoulder Surgery

The best way to lift or pick the load is as follows:

• Do not lift objects with the arm or hand that underwent surgery.

• Do not lift the load that is more than 10 pounds.

• Do not lean on the arm while lifting objects or put weight on it.

• Ensure that an object is not close to the stomach by pushing it with the arm or hand.

• Ensure that your elbow is firm before reaching anything.

Hip Surgery

The essential tips are as follows:

• Put both legs straight then position one leg behind the other one.

• Bend the back at 90 degrees without twisting the whole body.

• Do not bend the body while reaching objects that are low such as a low cupboard. Use a device as much as possible.

Knee Surgery

The following are important safety tips:

• Use effective support like a table or countertop when bending or trying to lift objects on low grounds.

• The reaching device will help decrease the strain in the body at the back while picking objects on the floor.

• Do not hold or carry any object with your hand while using crutches or walkers.

• Use a roller cart to push heavy, breakable or hot objects.

• Do not strain too much to reach objects that are too far. Slide objects across a table or countertop instead.

Opting for surgery is a critical decision. Besides the above safety tips, your effort to exercise is also a way to fast recovery. You must make time for walking around your home. Walking will assist in building endurance and strength. Additionally, you should be careful in the kitchen or bathroom because these places tend to be slippery. You should also refrain from heavy lifting. Consider hiring an affordable moving company in Philly to handle the heavier loads for you if relocating to a new home.

What are the Effects of Radon Gas

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Radon is a gas that is thought to occur naturally. It occurs due to the breakdown of components that are radioactive. The gas is usually radioactive, odorless and colorless. The radioactive elements are found in the rocks and soil. This makes them spread out into the atmosphere and water bodies. The gas originates from the break down of radium a product of uranium.

A human being can ingest the gas through the intake of water or breathing. One can be exposed to the radon gas in either indoor or outdoor activities. The level of the effect depends on the type of soil and rocks in the area.


Radon gas is believed to be a cancer-causing agent. Prolonged exposure to the gas may lead to lung cancer. When you intake air that has radon gas, it sticks to the lining of your lungs. The particles of the gas are usually radioactive. When you breathe in air which contains radon for a long period of time, the particles will accumulate in your lungs. It would lead to damage to lung cells and hence cause lung cancer.


You should get radon tests done regularly in your home. The tests will allow you to know if the levels are high enough to be controlled. If the levels are beyond 4pCI/L, then you need to have them monitored. The gases are thought to enter your house through cavities found on walls, water supply or gaps on the floor. You would need to call a radon specialist simular to Radon Mitigation Pittsburgh, who would test and assist in fixing the problem. The specialist would identify the root problem and give working solutions. The specialist will be responsible for the removal of the gas. They would pull out the toxic gas in the soil near you.

After the extraction process is complete, they may suggest the best radon reduction system. The reduction system ensures the toxic gas can’t seep into the water systems. It would also minimize the entry of the gas into your house through cracks. You should also have your home inspected and repair the cracks that may be on the floor or the walls. You should ensure your windows are open to allow free air flow.


The gas can only be detected through testing. The gas causes cancer after inhaling for a prolonged time. It enters the lungs and leads to the mutation of cancer-causing cells. Tests should be done on a regular basis to ensure that your home is safe.

Also, having radon tests done on your property may speed up the selling process. Buyers avoid properties which don’t have radon tests reports.

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