So A Celiac and some EMT’s go into a restaurant…

When some friends and I try to go out to dinner after work…

P2P: I have a severe allergy to gluten, which means I can’t–

Waitress: –Ohh, do you mean glucose?

P2P: No. I mean gluten. Anyway, I can’t have–

Waitress: Y’know. Glucose. Like sugar.

P2P: Nope. No, it’s gluten. Not glucose.

Waitress: Are you sure?

P2P: …what?

EMT Friend: Of course she’s sure. It’s her medical history.

Waitress: I know how tough it is. My cousin had an allergy to glucose. We have a few sugar-free things on our menu.

EMT Friend: Okay, well, that’s nice. We better be going.

And that is why I don’t go out to eat. Also why I love having friends that look out for me.

On another note…Sweetheart…if your cousin had an allergy to glucose, they probably wouldn’t be alive…what with that whole glucose-being-necessary-in-metabolism issue.

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