That Awkward Moment When…

Ever have one of those awkward moments where you really wish you hadn’t said/done that? Me too. More than most people, it seems. Anyway, here’s a “Aren’t you glad you weren’t her?” moment a relative emailed me about.

I dropped by the gas station on my way home, as I sometimes do. I’m about to go in to buy myself a soda, when I see this guy struggling with some bags. (For the record, I also thought it was weird that ANYONE buys BAGS of stuff from convenience stores, but, okay.) So, being the awesome and caring person that I am, I instinctively go to help him. And I say, “Would you like a hand?”

And I’m not even joking….turns out the guy was an AMPUTEE. He was actually missing a HAND. 

He stared at me like I was the world’s biggest asshole, ever.

Here’s to hoping your day is better than mine.


  1. I was still a basic and my partner had just pronounced someone who had died during the night. As I’m walking out to get the clipboard, a firefighter asked me how I was doing. In front of the entire family, I gave him my customary answer…”I woke up this morning, so I can’t complain.” It wasn’t till I heard my partner in the other room let out a very loud “holy crap” groan that I realized what I had said.

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