“Wait…Did He Just Pull Over?”

I have one of those cars that the passengers always complain about. It rides much closer to the ground than most vehicles. I’m no statistician, but I’d say approximately 90.125% of my passengers, upon entering or exiting my vehicle, make some sort of negative muttered exclamation, some gasping or disgruntled puffing/sighing noise, and then loudly remark that my car was designed for children or mice or contortionists or something. This means that where my dash meets the windshield comes up to approximately bumper level on most of the vehicles in this area. (I’m only slightly exaggerating here.)

Now, I don’t use crazy amounts of lights on my car. I have exactly one, small, removable light that I can stick on my dash. It has a grand total of three light bulbs in it. I really only have it because I live so far away from the station–and even so, I seldom use it. I never use it during the day, and only rarely use it at night–mainly because nobody sees it. I could grumble and say that nobody ever pulls over because they’re all mean, distracted, selfish jerks. But in truth, it’s probably because my light shines directly into their tailpipe, and they never realize I’m a responding vehicle.

One night, for whatever reason, I did use my light while responding. Maybe it was just so that I mentally felt like I was going to get to the station quicker…even though I wasn’t going any faster than the posted speed limit, and even though I know nobody ever pulls over or does anything helpful when I have my light on. Who knows. I saw a vehicle up ahead, and tapped my brakes, because I’m a good driver and want to give myself ample room to stop so I don’t rear-end him in case he decides to do something crazy and unexpected.

And, right on cue, he does something crazy and unexpected. He jams on the brakes and swerves to the side of the road. My first thought was, “WHOA! Looks like somebody’s a little intoxicated tonight, just swerving off the road for no apparent reason.” Briefly after that, I figured he must’ve stopped and swerved for a deer or something. So I came to a stop, watching the road carefully for any wildlife that happened to stumble into the street. After about 10 seconds, I saw nothing. I then realized…”Holy crap. I have my light on…and that guy actually pulled over for me??”  People pulling over for lights? Now that’s just unheard of.

Then I continued on my merry way, and probably saved a bus load of children from being attacked by a herd of vicious bear-sharks.

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